Anker Sikkerhet AS delivers a program within what we in Norway have chosen to call “Pågående Livstruende Vold” (“Ongoing Life-threatening Violence”), abbreviated as PLIVO. The definition of PLIVO is that the incident is a “wildly unwanted event”.

Protecting yourself from a sudden emerging situation of violence that the PLIVO is, is not easy, first of all because it is almost impossible to predict and place such events. Therefore, Anker Sikkerhet AS has worked out a three-part program that is adapted to Norwegian conditions. The purpose of offering the PLIVO program is to make the individual who participates in the program better able to safeguard their own safety at a PLIVO event. This by taking trained choices to improve your own safety.

The program is aimed at both the public sector and private business. The program consists of the following three parts:

  • PLIVO seminar
  • Preparation of the PLIVO evacuation plan for the individual customer
  • Exercises in PLIVO evacuation full-scale or section-divided for the individual customer

For questions about the PLIVO program contact us email.

This service is only available in Norway.